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I'm Tyler, A Digital Strategist a.k.a. Technology Matchmaker.

I help level the playing field for business owners by introducing and implementing “big player” strategies and technologies – at a fraction of the cost.

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Customer-facing Enhancements

Launch your business into orbit: attract and serve more customers better than ever before. Deploy customer-centric solutions to earn their trust and outplay your competitors with category-disrupting tools.

Course Creation & Interactive Content

Create interactive content that engages your audience instead of idly scrolling or passively consuming.

Audio Surveys & Feedback Management

Listen, analyze and convert feedback (both verbal and written) into actionable insights that drive satisfaction, retention and quantifiable business results.

Messaging Automation & Chat Marketing

Automate your SMS Text messaging, Instagram, Webchat, Facebook messaging and emails for more leads, more sales and better customer experience.

Social Proof

Build trust, credibility and convert more visitors into leads, sales and demos.

Sales Funnels

Turn your website into an optimized selling machine with one-click upsells, order bumps, dynamic offers, A/B split testing and more.

Sync & Automate Your Tech Stack

Connect your website and eCommerce platform to the services you use every day. Automate multichannel sales while keeping your inventory in sync.

Launch An Affiliate Program

Easily launch and manage an affiliate (partner) program to grow your business and make more money. 

Realtime Reporting

Custom report dashboards with your key data in one place, updated in real-time. Automate spreadsheet updates, saving countless hours of work.

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Operational Improvements

Automate and scale your operations with state-of-the-art tools or learn some digital principles with step-by-step instructions that everyone “should” be doing – but often are not.

Which two web hosts I use and why - Part 2 - Featured Image -

Which Two Web Hosts I Use and Why – Part 2

Some may argue that my job should simply be to point my digital finger towards the ‘one-and-only solution' that I recommend. To that I say: If life were only that simple! I figure since I have spent nearly 2 decades of ‘searching for the best host for my needs' and in the end, settled on two

Which Two Web Hosts I Use and Why - Part 1 - Featured Image -

Which Two Web Hosts I Use and Why – Part 1

Web hosts are (nearly) as infinite as the stars, with some shining decidedly brighter than others and yet the sheer number of options might leave you feeling a little lost in the dark. In this two-part series I share my two long-standing web host recommendations that have earned…

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