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Audio survey complete, thanks!

Let's say I get 50 responses...


Maybe over time I get 500; do I hire someone to listen, transcribe and look for trends? Fortunately, I don't have to with:

      • Sentiment analysis
      • Topic extraction
      • Multilingual auto-transcription
      • Keyword analysis and more…

Understanding your audience just got easier.

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“In the past, we used traditional forms during onboarding but found clients were not providing all of the details we needed—this resulted in having to book extra time to get additional information from our clients. Now, our client onboarding has transformed, and we get all the information we need neatly organized and transcribed for us.”

Matt M.

“This has been really useful for me as a coach and HR consultant. I'm a one-person show juggling tons of clients, so when it's time for me to do individual interviews or focus groups, trying to find times that mutually work for me and my clients is a nightmare.

Now I essentially can do an interview asynchronously by allowing respondents to answer my questions using this tool. I can then schedule a short follow up call if I need to probe deeper or clarify anything.”

Jay T.

“This is a no-brainer. We need to collect a lot of user feedback and audio surveys allow us to do this in a personal, conversational way without actually needing to be in person.

Just give it a try. The results speak for themselves: we get higher quality responses more quickly. It's my new go-to solution.”

Amelia E.

10 Inspirational Use Cases for Audio Surveys

Get inspired by the ways audio surveys can help your business collect more meaningful, actionable data from your audience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a website?

No, a website is not required.

What web platforms are supported?

Virtually any web platform should work. Please mention what you're using in the details section when requesting a quote.

What payment methods are accepted?

Credit card and PayPal.

What if I don't already have a survey?

If you don't have an existing survey or form to work from, no problem! We'll book a call to go over your requirements and take it from there.

Sounds fancy. Will this hurt my wallet?

It does sound fancy, doesn't it? You may be happy to learn that annual plans start at just $19/mo for members. Definitely cheaper than hiring help!

Can you set this up for me?

You bet! I'd be happy to convert your existing surveys to include audio or help you get started from scratch!

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